Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Well, it's certainly been a while--let's see how this experiment pans out.

James Meetze's book release party for Kasey Silem Mohammad and Noah Eli Gordon was great fun. I drank beer, listened to poems, and pondered the idea of ether. Both of these guys manipulate electronic communication, and arrange it into something else that is more than the sum. So maybe all the scientists are wrong: there IS an ether through which we move and can manipulate. it's just that our original definition of it was a little off. I must admit some small love for whack scientists. Lab coats, scribbled charts, and sleep deprivation ARE sexy, and are indicative of genius.

here's a poem from a series I'm working on. I wrote this late at night, without the aid of coffee, and without the aid of a lab coat.

Your skeleton is perfect Art Deco.

Wrens (that would scatter with the softest
of breaths) are etched into each bone,
telling an ideographic
story of simple loss
and a voyage.

We were cryptanalysts,
read from your clavicle:

In order
to complete
any vision
of a paved
and urban
right off,
we must
how far
our time is
from its
then adjust
our present

Your hair curled neatly
(just so) around your face, and
wind propelled our night into theory.
We argued about phrenology and Scrabble.
I wanted to use Charon and Lethe, but
knew I couldn't.

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