Tuesday, April 29, 2003

here's my first post. More to come--I'll try to live up to any expectations.

Underground tunnel

Those two. They couldn’t make it to Paris, for the catacombs, so they made do with what waited beneath their very toes. He was wearing his roughest jeans—smiled like broken windows. Said to the girl, no doubt, a lot of people are sissies. They wove their breath into a rope between them, and took chances with corners. Her fingernails were cracked, but still quite pretty. It was so dark there, but they found there way through the labyrinths like bats, with murmurs and exclamations. Running her hands across the red-bricked walls, the girl mentioned Das ist vermutlich, warum ich heraus auf der Straße mit einem Zicklein so auf einer Nacht wie heute abend bin.

if you know of any interesting/evocative/silly German phrases/truths/fragments, and would like to see them turn up in a poem such as the one above, send them to me.

Thanks to Jessica Moll for the German phrase found above.

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