Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lagerfeld Loves Books

Karl Lagerfeld Loves Books

So this is pretty fantastic: Karl Lagerfeld, fashion king and head of Chanel has decided to create a fragrance that smells like books. Ink, paper, leather, cotton, glue--these are the smells bibliophiles (such as yourselves) love and soon you will be able to announce your passion for print with a fragrance. Kristina Rodulfo writes:

According to FOCUS, a weekly magazine based in Munich, Lagerfeld is collaborating with Geza Schön, a perfumer from Berlin, to create a scent directly inspired by the smell of ink on paper. The fragrance, apparently called Paper Passion, is said to come in a package resembling a hardcover book as designed in collaboration with Gerhard Steidl, Lagerfeld's Edition 7L partner.

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"Why?" you may ask would Mr. Lagerfeld choose to make this perfume. Well take a look at his personal library and you'll see how much this man (who said, "I buy my shoes a size too small. I like the way it feels") loves books: a picture of karl lagerfeld's library

And finally, if fragrances derived from books interest you, perhaps this book all about fragrance will interest you as well: Perfume, The Story of a murderer by Patrick Suskind.