Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Seven Videos in Thirty-Two Minutes and Forty-Four Seconds

My pal Mark over at Bad Librarianship tagged me for 7 songs that have been affecting my life as of late. So in no particular order here they are for your perusal:

Neko Case--saw her live last year (she gave me a chocolate-chip cookie recipe) and find myself singing along out loud at work to this song:

My girl, Ammie, bought me this album for my birthday, and it is awesome. Some douche on the radio said that trip-hop is dead--and while I don't care for the term, I must disagree. Case in point, Portishead's new album Three:

Ammie also got me Einsturzende Neubauten's newest--and mein gott! Es ist sehr gut! Ich liebe dieses Album.

Saw Bloodhag (should have umlauts over the o's but I am too lazy to look up the html code for's late) at Dark Carnival Ammie (thanks Ammie for the surprise!) and Chris (follow this link for an awesome Wolverine...):

Best ever, and only rock show, I've seen at a bookstore...

Boris with Michio Kuriahra--saw them earlier this year, and while I love the new album, Rainbow is still probably my favorite:

(I'm seeing them later this month at Amoeba in Berkeley--if any one's got an extra ticket send me an email!)

And for my pal Jon at work who always puts this song on every damn mix he makes, The Four Seasons' Oh, What a night, or what I like to call the STD song:

Last song needs no comment. In fact, no words can do this masterpiece justice. Ladies and Gents, I give you Eels:


saudade said...

Peppermint nightmare!

saudade said...


saudade said...

And then it goes to shit. Except for Tony. I love Tony.

"I've got five working stomachs -- I'm a higher being." Class.

Mark said...

I could have gone on and picked dozens more toons, one of which would have been Old Greg singing "Love Games", as often performed in my kitchen around breakfast time. Over a glass of Baileys.

Trevor said...

Ah, smooth creamy beige--my girl likes that song too...