Friday, March 28, 2008

Back Room Live and Sorry 4 Snake 3

Back Room Live is Live tomorrow!

Valyntina Grenier has been running a terrific reading series at a local pub for a year or so now and decided to publish an anthology of all those who read last year. The anthology is as V. puts it, a "polyphony of voices," and as such there will be poly readings here and there in the East Bay over the next couple of months--the first of which is tomorrow at McNally's.


Sorry 4 Snake 3 is out and is ready for mass consumption. Yours truly is humbly sharing space with such awesomeness as:

Mathew Rohrer
Feliz Molina
Jared White
Mark Cunningham
Gillian Hamel
K. Silem Mohammad
Juliet Cook
Erika Staiti

Check out more info at Stormy Petrel Press.


Mark said...

Dig the new look! What's the name of that skully font?

Trevor said...

Hey Mark,

Thanks! The font is called skulladay. Here's a link to where I got it:

(Actually--I didn't originally get it here--but now that I am looking for it I found the font's source so I'll link to that. :)

Mark said...