Thursday, September 20, 2007

No Central Structure

So I've been reading the Norse epics, and got curious about the poetic structure. I pulled out the Turco, looked up "edda" and went from there. I wanted to use this pretty old and structured form (full of kennings and alliteration), but to adjust it for a more contemporary voice. So here is experiment 1, a slightly modified edda:

No Central Structure

Devils infest, hence
we want distraction, dance.
"The more the merrier" mayhaps
be pretense, but well-wrought.

Some pray, pound the pulpit
but, c'mon, to who?
No central structure exists.
Finally, no falcon or falconer.

Tough luck, hon, it's just
the way we roll, really.
Priests, PR, & Optimus Prime
scatter far, tremendous, tempting.

We squeal, run pell-mell
'cuz we are pigs, even me.
In our wide weird, our way, exists
memes & margins--an infested complexity.

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saudade said...

I'm so glad to see that you are writing some new stuff. And lovely t'boot.