Monday, October 16, 2006

The Philosophical Zombie

Dude! I am so excited to have ordered Th e Undead and Philosophy! (Which you can order from my bookstore, Diesel, A Bookstore).

Kasey Silem Mohammad is not only a great poet and thinker, but is one of the foremost zombieologists / necrophycists in the U.S.--perhaps the world. When the zombies invade from below (or perhaps from the deeps of space) I could do no better than to have Kasey by my side. Barring the actual person, The Undead and Philosophy might be next best for its assuredly insightful illumination of the undead existential-state.


saudade said...

You could do better by having Kasey on one side, and your 9mm-totin' sweetie on the other. :) I loves me some zombie killing!

But Kasey's book may give me some sympathy for the Undead. Maybe I'm a weak link then. I always was a bleeding heart.

Trevor said...

better be careful sweets, or your bleeding heart will lure the zombies to us (they're a lot like sharks--keen sense of blood-smell and brain-smell. All other smells are filtered out, except for A1 steak sauce...cause even zombies love that shit).

I like the 9mm, but perhaps a .45 might have more "stopping power."