Sunday, August 20, 2006

Last night, Ammie and I...

Last night, Ammie and I went to the Acme Bar in Berkeley to have a drink and support a local tattoo artist, and friend of friends, D. The Acme was having an art show/raffle to raise money for D.'s hospital and recuperation expenses. You see, less than a week ago, he sustained a shot from a pistol through his head during a home invasion. 'Cause he's a tattoo artist, I suspect he doesn't have any insurance, but already close to $10,000 has been raised. Now, this amount is small compared to his hospital bills, but luckily he was helped by an awesome organization Victim Witness Assistance Center. This is a stellar organization that provides vital services to those in moments of immense need.

The event was fun, drinks were imbibed, raffles were had, and everyone came together and had a wonderfully fun night--I suspect that this tide of affection,concern, and empathy will help D. in his recovery. Once, very long ago, something similar occurred to me, and I am certain that a very similar tide crashed on me and somehow renewed and helped fill me energy and life. I believe that events like last night's will help re-vitalize D. as well.

And you, dear reader, if you would like to make a donation:

Devon Get Better Fund
c/o Sacred Tattoo
707 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94607

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