Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bless us being indolent

Dear Trevor,

Bless us being indolent. Savage
in the gentlest way.
Lied to about who we may be.
Surrounded by "no bluer was he than I,"
I'd like to remain how I am.

I have no model for this, distracted
as I am by the minutiae of our
apparent movement.
Illusion of fine senses.
Illness that devours.

Things that are slow become beautiful. I'm not
saying this to hurt you. You dreamed it.
In your waking. Time flew by.
In your waking life, time dreamed it.
So we could do that with our sentences now.
We could love them. The way they.


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Scalljah said...

You need encouraging Trevor, coz you are good and I don't see many posts up. I am going to make you my first blogmate and stick your spot on my site, as I only want quality links.

Good Work