Saturday, September 06, 2003

O.K. For those of you who know and love Taruho Inagaki--our Japanese Futurist friend who loved cigarettes, rockets, and the mercurial and violent Mr. Moon (and who doesn't love these things)--please check out Kimiaki Ishizuki's depictions of Taruho-san: These sculptures rule. When I go to Japan, I'm going to find this guy, buy his work, and take him out for a drink. If any of you know any American venues that would be interested in showing his work, let me know.

Here's a poem I wrote a few years ago for Taruho Inagaki:

“ ‘You think the moon and stars and such are real?’ Someone asked one night ‘Uh-huh that’s right’”
-Inagaki Taruho

Tonight was moonless my dandy friend. An absence hung above, illuminating the stars around it. No whizzing comets, tom cats, or aeroplanes. However, atop a bar buzzed a neon moon with a rocket jutting from his eye. Rolling a cigarette, I winked and said kombawa. You cannot fool me Taruho-san! It was not phosphorous or argon pulsing in those glass veins, but ether! I let smoke curl from my mouth, up to your smiling lips. A melody slipped and spiraled out from the bar: it wouldn’t be make believe if you believed in me.

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